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Management Consulting

http://lenblackstone.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/cropped-Blackstone-logo-only-2.gifLen Blackstone is a business entrepreneur, inspiring leader, and change agent who helps get the job done. He’s an expert at discovering market opportunities, executing results-focused tactics, and leading high performance teams. He teaches, coaches, and mentors individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.

An Overview: In 1985, Len helped start and led an ad agency which grew to having Fortune 500 clients. In 2001, he started a management and consulting firm which has advised multi-billion-dollar, international corporations as well as small business startups. Some specifics include

  • Steered the alignment of a $200 million company’s marketing, operations, HR & IT with customer needs resulting in a revenue increase of $20 million in one year
  • Transformed a $50 million organization’s market expansion from losing $200,000 in two years to making $5 million in 12 months
  • Broad leadership experience in multiple industries: Consumer Products, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Technology & Software, Insurance & Financial Services, Real Estate, and Manufacturing

Len provides retained management consulting services in three primary focus areas:

  1. Revenue Growth
  2. New Products
  3. Business & Marketing Strategy

Len undertakes a small number of consulting assignments at any one time. His retainers vary depending upon client needs. Some clients have very specific and defined business objectives. Others have an intuitive sense they could benefit from advice but are unsure how to proceed.

Here’s the place to start. Connect with Len in a “get-to-know-one-another conversation”; no-charge, no-obligation. Email len@blackstoneinc.net to setup a time to talk or phone (541) 942-3870.

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