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Walking in My Dad’s Shoes.

I recently went for a walk in my dad’s shoes. He doesn’t need them anymore. He’s dead. After his funeral, I went through his closet and – well, his shoes were in great condition. And, since we wear the same size my family said, “Take ’em”. How true it is that until we walk in…

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Don’t Be Surprised By The Changes Ahead

As leaders, our responsibility is to intelligently plan for the future, diligently work in the present, and wisely learn from the past. Given the political turmoil of our present political environment, below are some of my thoughts about the changes ahead. Don’t be surprised if between now and February 20, Trump tones-down his “shock and…

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Women of the World

Women of the world, I hear your voices. I rejoice in your strength. I embrace your grief, your fear, and your anger. Stay involved. Make your voices known. I am not you. So, help me to understand you better. My gender is male. I don’t know what it’s like to be passed over for promotion…

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