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Don’t Be Surprised By The Changes Ahead

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As leaders, our responsibility is to intelligently plan for the future, diligently work in the present, and wisely learn from the past. Given the political turmoil of our present political environment, below are some of my thoughts about the changes ahead.

Don’t be surprised if between now and February 20, Trump tones-down his “shock and awe” approach. Why February 20? Because that’s when the UK Parliament debates a petition to deny Trump a “state visit” with the Queen. If Trump is snubbed by royalty; perhaps we’ll have sanity for a season.

Don’t be surprised if our Republican-controlled Congress eventually tires of Trump’s tirades. I expect the headwinds of resistance to increase nationally and internationally. Only the self-absorbed fail to see how “America First” is an insult to other countries.

Don’t be surprised as Congressional Republican infighting develops over the next two years. Those who believe “government itself is the problem” are incapable of governing. Duh.

Don’t be surprised if our forgotten working class loses hope in Trump. He will fail in his deceitful declaration that he will drastically increase U.S. manufacturing jobs. How dishonest would it have been to promise a return to the family farm during the industrial revolution? Those days are gone.

Today, robotics, technology, and contract outsourcing are replacing large company manufacturing jobs. Get real. Tearing up trade agreements is absurd. Accusing trading partners of malfeasance sow’s seeds for a trade war. Everyone loses in war. Any idiot can destroy relationships. It takes true leaders to build healthy, long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships.

Don’t be surprised if many conservative Christians begin to see Trump’s rejection of vulnerable populations (as shown by his treatment of immigrants) directly contradicts Jesus’ words of mercy and grace. If you’re at all a reflective person, realizing you’re on the wrong side of an issue can cause significant personal angst. Trust me; I’ve been there. The journey requires deep soul-searching, reflection, and integrity. And, the uneasy questions keep arising, “Where else have I been wrong?”

Don’t be surprised if the repeal and replacement of Obamacare is smoke and mirrors. I expect the new plan will be 90% like the old Affordable Care Act with few changes. Of course, Trump will proclaim it as “INCREDIBLE. AWESOME. TOTALLY THE BEST. NEVER BEFORE SEEN!”

One thing for sure. Our future as a country is going to be an interesting and engaging ride. So, hang on tight. And, do your best to embrace all people, remain positive, and search for solutions.

Be the leader who looks to the future with wisdom; and who serves others with both head and heart.

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